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i'm not something big but i thought it'd be nice to look back at what i've done with my music.

it's not been far but i can comment on what i made throughout my "career" so far. so enjoy as i look back on what i have done on newgrounds. it'll be short but maybe a nice thing to read. won't include that one piece of artwork i made because it's not that big of a deal like my music, which i have posted multiple of, so yeah.

weekend wasn't very good in my opinion. it was way too repetitive and too boring. it was more of a loop and should've been classified as a loop.

ko was a massive improvement over weekend. i find this comforting but some people i've showed it to find it oddly depressing. i kind of do see that. one of the most fun tracks i've worked on too.

flo is more of the same that ko did. not really that much to say about it. i really like bass btw.

this song more of was a test. i wanted to try to make something that wasn't a compressed lo-fi(?) thingy. this was me dipping my toes in to another genre and another type of making music. that's it ig.

this song was a little test of lmms and me trying out soundfonts and different set ups of music. it made me feel sleepy so i called it sleepyhead. completely forgot that it was a lbp2 song too. wow.

here, my most recent song. i posted it as a celebration of new year. it was me going all in with lmms and using all i knew about the program so far. i learnt something major from this song. never trust the program pre-render. listen to the rendered, exported song before publishing it. that mistake cost a lot. i was anxious because the song exported sounded fucking terrible. but after 40 minutes i got it to a state where i was happy with where it was at and updated the song to use the fixed version instead of the awful shitty one. but it is my best song for sure.

now that is all i've done !! or is it? because i forgot to mention one last song. and that song's name was infinity. i did publish it on ng in fact. but i quickly removed it because i didn't like it (i listened to it after and it kinda clicked that it was dogshit). the song was made very quickly. about 30 minutes which is way too short for a full song. it would've been somewhat decent if i had just removed the drums. but if you wanna see it published again then let me know. i doubt anyone would because my audience is pretty much zero. but maybe i will some day.

and that is finally all that i've done so far. it is very short but i have learnt a lot throughout these 7 songs. i wish to continue uploading on newgrounds no matter what. even if zero people listen to what i make. i didn't have to fix cool but i did because it sounded terrible. i knew no one would listen to it. but if one person did. it'd be bad. and me hearing it being awful was bad enough. i don't really care about the funny features. yeah it'd be cool but i just wanna make music. i am certainly not taking it seriously; i'm just making it because it's fun. probably no one is going to see this post too ! but hey, i'm making it because it's fun writing about this shit and it gives me something to do other than watching youtube. anyways see you all later ! =D

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